Zagreb Montaža Group is one of the leading construction companies in Croatia with approximately 1,300 employees and an annual income of over EUR 100 million.


Companies within the Group mostly work in construction and offer a vide variety of services in Croatia and abroad, from manufacturing and assemblage to investment project realization according to the “turn-key” system. Zagreb-Montaža Ltd., headquartered in Zagreb, owns several companies that constitute Zagreb Montaža Group.


By associating acquired knowledge and experiences of our companies, Zagreb-Montaža Ltd. is capable of realizing even the most complex construction projects, from planning and designing to construction and final facility assortment. Today, Zagreb-Montaža Group is not just a classic contractor company, but a company that executes its own investment projects, EPC projects with its own capacities for designing and manufacturing complex industrial plants, steel and aluminum structures and facades, and its own investment projects in the area of construction of business and shopping centers, residential areas, tourist attractions, etc.


RTo realize construction projects of architectural value and visual recognition, to manufacture equipment and build industrial plants, to top the usual market offers by setting new parameters and to contribute to our community and surroundings with new values.



Zagreb Montaža Group is one of the leading companies in Croatia and in the region in the area of construction and industrial plant building with an annual income exceeding EUR 100 million. Over 1,250 employees work on projects that include manufacturing, construction and assemblage and consulting and engineering services for domestic and foreign investors.



Throughout the years of development in accordance with the planned development strategy, Zagreb Montaža Group invested in professional capacities and services and expanded its business activities. In addition to performing its core activity and observing economic development trends and investment possibilities, Zagreb Montaža Group sees an opportunity for further development in investment programs.

The company has been operating on domestic and foreign markets in various organizational forms since 1950. Until 1989, our company operated within the former Yugoslavian construction giant “SOUR MONTING”, as a part of “MONTMONTAŽA” company, as OOUR “METALURGIJA” for industrial plant construction.


Keeping up with the changes Croatia was undergoing after 1989, the company started independent activities under its new name Zagreb-Montaža - a company for construction and maintenance of buildings and industrial plants. In 1992, after privatization, the company continued its successful growth and development. The company continuously grew by operating on domestic and foreign markets and in 1994 it was reorganized in Zagreb Montaža Group.


From a company that worked on industrial plant construction and maintenance, our company grew with time and expanded its activities and started manufacturing and assemblage of electrostatic precipitators, thermal power plant channels and equipment, dedusting, steel constructions, bridge building, truck and industrial vehicle undercarriages, construction of gas lines and water supply infrastructure, designing, manufacturing and constructing aluminum glass facades etc.

  • 1950 - establishment of “B. Kavurić”, “Industromontaža” and “Jugomontaža” as predecessors of former “Monting”
  • 1977 - establishment of SOUR “Monting”, within which OOUR “Metalurgija” operated
  • 1989 - by dissociation of “Metalurgija” from “Monting”, ”Zagreb-Montaža” is established
  • 1992 - successful privatization of Zagreb Montaža company
  • 1993 - ZM takes over TPK Metal Hercegovac – a company for pipe armatures manufacturing
  • 1993 - building of steel construction and electrostatic precipitators manufacturing plant in Šibenik
  • 1994 - formation of “Zagreb Montaža Group” with its headquarters in Zagreb and members “ZM-Montag”, “ZM-Metal” and “ZM-Vikom”
  • 2003 - establishment of “ZM-Dal”
  • 2008 - “ZM Vikon Ltd” moved to a newly constructed facility in PODI entrepreneurial zone in Šibenik, the largest manufacturing facility for manufacturing and export in sovereign Croatia
  • 2011 - “ZM-Dal” integrated into “ZM-Elemes”
  • 2013 - In 2013 Zagreb-Montaža Group moves its offices to a new location – Sky Office towers.