• Industrijska kovana armatura - ventil.

  • Industrijska kovana armatura - ventil.

  • Industrijska kovana armatura - sigurnosni ventil.

  • Prihvati za staklenu fasadu – spajderi.

  • Fitinzi, koljena, T-komadi, spojnice, poluspojnice.

  • Strojna obrada metala.

  • Kamionski sanduci s arnjevima i ceradom.

  • Kamionski sanduci s arnjevima.

  • Aluminijske komore.

  • Kamionski sanduci s arnjevima.

ZM-Metal Ltd

ZM-Metal Ltd. is a company with a long tradition in metal processing and refinement that has been manufacturing metal products, machine parts and industrial armatures since 1923.


Since 1992, the company has been in private ownership and is a part of Zagreb Montaža Group.


ZM-Metal Ltd. owns manufacturing halls and storage area of 4,000 m² on a parcel of 65,000 m².

The company specializes in manufacturing:

Industrial armatures and fittings:

  • Gate valves, valves and check valves according to API 602/BS 5352 in dimensions of up to 2”, 800 lbs and 1500 lbs class.
  • Safety valves in dimensions of up to 1”, up to NP 100 class
  • Thermodynamic and thermostatic capacitor separators, in dimensions of up to 2”, NP 64 class
  • Knee-points, T-pieces, connectors, semi-connectors etc. according to ANSI B 16.11, dimensions of up to 2”, 3000 lbs and 600 lbs class.


Machine processing - machine part manufacturing:

Manufacturing of various machine parts according to customers’ wishes (CNC turning, CNC milling etc.) on the following machines:

  • 2 CNC processing centers
  • 5 CNC lathe machines
  • 4 classic lathe machines
  • 2 classic milling machines
  • 1 thread rolling machine
  • 3 welding machines: CO2, TIG, REL


Truck superstructures:

  • Truck trailers of all types, sizes and constructions
  • Bread transport chambers
  • Aluminum and plywood chambers

Quality management

Certificates Document Valid through
800 series oil shutter 02-001340/022783 2013-05-10
800 series oil gate valve 02-001341/022783


800 series oil check valve 02-001342/022783 2013-05-10
Thermodynamic capacitor separator pn 100/140 02-001343/022783 2013-05-10


Croatian Register of Shipping, Split – Type Approval Certificate


Industrial armature and fittings:

  • INA-INDUSTRIJA NAFTE stock company, Zagreb (Sisak oil refinery, Rijeka oil refinery)
  • STSI – Integrated technical services Ltd., Zagreb (member of INA Group)
  • HEP stock company Zagreb (HEP-Toplinarstvo, TE-TO Zagreb, Sisak thermal power station)
  • DIOKI stock company, Zagreb
  • DINA-Petrokemija stock company Omišalj
  • PETROKEMIJA stock company Kutina
  • RAFINERIJA NAFTE AD, Bosanski Brod
  • NIS Oil refinery Novi Sad
  • NIS Oil refinery Pančevo

Machine processing - machine part manufacturing:

  • W&F Werkzeugtechnik GmbH, Germanz
  • Siemens SAS, France
  • Harburg-Freudenberger Belišće Ltd. Belišće

Truck superstructures:

  • Strada Ltd., Zagreb (IVECO)
  • EUROline Ltd., Zagreb (Mercedes-Benz)
  • MAN Importer Croatia Ltd., Zagreb (MAN)
  • TTI Ltd., Varaždinske Toplice (DAF)
  • Schmitz Cargobull Ltd., Zagreb
ZM-METAL d.o.o.
Radnička cesta 3
43284 Hercegovac

tel. +385 (0)43 524 568
fax. +385 (0)43 524 570